Social Media

Social Media

Social media thrives in many forms, and Capture Company Creative can help you decide which are best for your business. Will it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat or a combination of several? In all formats, we tell your story with great photos, inspiring videos, original branded graphics and inviting content. By developing cost-effective strategies using social media to its best advantage, we offer campaigns designed to drive sales. Our posts are memorable and engaging, and we encourage Likes to Follow the page for greater visibility and brand awareness.

What we do for you!

  • Graphic Design—creative branded designs for social media posts, products and promotions

  • Monitoring—24-hour account monitoring to ensure positive professionalism

  • Customer Service—timely response to all reviews, comments or complaints

  • Event Creation—generate awareness and call-to-action to increase business

  • Video—original, branded video posts to drive enthusiasm and engagement

  • Scheduling—monthly meetings to craft upcoming promotional themes and campaigns